Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Monday's Social Running with VPRC

Tonight was the Monday evening social run hosted by VPRC and the route was the Sankey Valley Loop.  Our latest C25k graduates also joined in on the 5k option but it was the full 10k option for me.

I left the house early after preparing and cooking tea for us both, and passed Mrs Slick on her way to the house from work.  She'd had a bit of a day so was grateful to get home, eat tea and watch the Villa on the Tele.  I, on the other hand, set off to the park early to fit in a sneaky freedom ParkRun before the main social run.  I managed the course in 24:01 so its looking positive for the pacer event this weekend at Warrington ParkRun.

We all set off together on the social run and after about 2 miles the 5k group split off and headed back to the park.  The rest of us carried on.  It was great to see Tony back out after his Achilles issues and we had a few new faces join us as well which is always nice.  Kev took some group photos of us and if I remember i'll upload them to this story later.

I heated my tea up when I got home and it was lovely (pasta carbonara by the hairy dieters, yum).  A shower and I was in bed.  Great evening.

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