Sunday, 12 August 2018

Saturday Update.

(Yes, I am aware this is a day late .. so shoot me! :) )

Firstly, I weighed myself on Saturday morning, and my weight was 186.2lb, pretty chuffed with that.  Down from 190.6lb the week before (4.4lb lost) which is pretty cool, and should thankfully get me back on track after my half a pound loss the week before.  Still a ways to go to the goal weight of 168lb but i'm getting there slowly slowly catchhy monkey.

Saturday was also a day of running.  We had a slightly reduced extras session (5 miles for us, whilst the others did the full thing) as we had to get back to ParkRun to get our unofficial pacer bibs.  I was pacing the 24 minutes and I must admit to feeling pretty nervous, not for the time as I was pretty certain I could do that.  It was more the fact that people were possibly depending on me to get them round in that time and it added extra pressure on me to try and get my splits and pacing right (which is something I cannot do).

Anyway, I went round in a watch time of 23:34, which was way too quick for a 24 minute pacer and I was kinda feeling a bit down about it, but it seems that my watch had one of its days of doing random things and even though I started it on the hooter, and that was the time it measured, the official time came in and I was actually finished in 23:50 which is exactly what I was aiming for.  Its very rare that you are normally happy to see a slower official time come in on ParkRun but this was one of those times :).  Mrs Slick was pacing the 30 minuters and she had a whole crowd of people with her and there were a lot of PB's at ParkRun so hopefully we had some input in to that.

Thanks to @tonydianenorton for sorting it and congrats to all the @teamvprc runners who ran, but more thanks to those who came and supported us at our local ParkRun. 👍

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