Sunday, 5 August 2018

Weekend running

Managed to get out running this weekend which was good.  Mrs Slick was home yesterday so we got to go to both the VPRC extras and Warrington ParkRun together.

Extras was pretty normal, we did the Grappenhall Walled Garden route which was good.  Good prep for EHM in 6 weeks time.

ParkRun was good as I was helping Claire to try and get round in 32 minutes which is a fair old lick of speed for her.  She didn't make it but it wasn't for a lack of trying, she was totally committed and she finished only just behind at 32:53 which is still great and almost 5 minutes faster than her previous ParkRun.  The only other thing of note is that Kim fell over, broke her finger and carried on running!  What a trooper.  Mrs Slick also helped get Becky round her first ever ParkRun as well.

The rest of the day we spent doing chores and having a lovely time in Stockton Heath just having a mooch around the shops and just chilling out.  Note, the Bakewell Tart in Costa is absolutely delicious.

Today, as Mrs Slick is at work, I went to help support the VPRC C25k runners as they took on Week 6, run 1 in the current 9 week plan.  We strayed a bit far from the park on our run / walk and as a result we missed the main RunGeek social run (I'm guessing that a lot of people there wanted to get home quick to get to Bolton for the Challenge Cup Semi Final against Leeds today) so we (Becky, Nikki, Kev and myself) decided to do our own Not quite RunGeek Social 5k run.

On my way home from the Not quite RunGeek Social run, I popped in to Sports Direct to pick up my new trainers.  Mrs Slick swears by her Adidas Galaxy Trail shoes so i've taken the plunge and bought myself a pair to try (and picked her up a spare pair as well).  I can use a pair of trail runners to death in about 5 / 6 months and once we start to hit the Dark Run trails in September I'll be running in pretty much trail shoes until April next year so if these are any cop, I may be switching from my go-to brand of New Balance to Adidas if I like them so lets see how they go.

I've washed both cars as well now i'm home and after a shower i'm currently sat on the couch watching Catalan's absolutely demolish the league winners St Helens in the Challenge Cup Final, waiting for the main game which is Warrington Wolves vs Leeds Rhino's.  I fully admit I am an armchair supporter of Rugby League, and I don't understand all the rules but I do enjoy watching the games and especially if they contain my local team.

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