About me.

Big Ste.

This is me, Slick2097, from around Oct 2006. As you can see I was a happy fellow back then 😂. Full of the joys of spring as I was holidaying around Europe. 

About 3 hours after this photo was taken, I was involved in my only serious car crash (it was my fault) when I missed some road markings and failed to stop at a junction in Holland.

It was an eventful trip overall 😂, but I did actually enjoy it. I’m not sure why I’ve got a face like a smacked arse here. 😁

Why do I have this picture of this unhappy guy here, as a reminder of how I changed my life around, with the help of many others including my amazing beautiful wife, to become something better. I became "that guy".

That guy that runs in the rain and enjoys it. 
That guy who ran 2 marathons this year. 
That guy who struggles with his eating from time to time but is generally ok with how he's doing. 
That guy who actually did something about his piss poor health because he wanted to be here past his 45th birthday to spend more time with those I love. ❤️. 
That guy who is going to try get under 1:45 for a half marathon in September. 

I am no longer this guy above, I am that guy that runs. 👏  I am the guy smiling after finishing the Manchester Marathon.

Not So Big Ste.

Have a great day everyone 👍 and thanks for stopping by.